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Please take a moment to read some of my favorite testimonials! I love receiving such amazing feedback from my clients and hope to share the experience with you!

“Who doesn’t love getting pampered. Such a great way to get to know the photographer while getting your hair and makeup done. I was able to relax and when I saw the finished result I felt so beautiful. I felt so comfortable during the shoot as Heather coached me through where to look, how to pose, and what to wear. We were able to shoot so many outfits and get so many shots. I felt sexy and beautiful no matter what I was wearing. I was able to give me suggestions and she was very open to them as well. She makes it your shoot not necessarily hers. I didn’t want it to end! I was lucky enough to be a model for her shoot and was open to anything she wanted to do. Her studio is set up perfectly for so many different looks and the lighting is so flattering.” M.

“Heather, you are quite simply…the best. From start to finish I felt comfortable, excited, sexy and SO happy with the final product! Thank you so very much for this opportunity and I will definitely be referring you to all of my friends!!!!! XOXOXOXO!” L.

“I was so comfortable and Heather really coaches you through the shoot and helps you feel natural and beautiful.” M.

“My favorite part of the experience was in the process of getting my hair and makeup done, getting to know the makeup artist and the photographer better. It allows you to feel comfortable and get past the awkwardness. It’s a pleasant breaking-the-ice experience. Both Paige (make-up) and Heather are wonderful, humorous and well-rounded people. It’s the connection with them that allows you to feel you want to use them in the future for something else – be it a family photo shoot or newborn portraits.” A.

“Heather Moreau is so talented and literally captured every shot I wanted and many more. I absolutely love my photos. She was easy to work with, creative, a good listener, and very professional.” M.

“Best Photographer out there! AMAZING!!!!” B.

“Heather is so vibrant and always has a unique point of view for her pictures! She knows how to make you feel comfortable and give you enough direction to get the most beautiful pictures of you!” C.

“Heather has a great eye and really knows how to capture your true beauty. My photos were more than I could ask for. I had to laugh when I saw them because I’m not use to seeing myself look that beautiful and sexy. the photos give you a great boost of confidence and also allows you to appreciate your body. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this and thought what a great opportunity to do when I turn 30. It will be something I cherish forever and can share with other woman so that they can also feel proud and confident in their bodies as well whether it’s a gift to themselves or for their significant other.” M.

“LOVE THEM!! I felt so confident during the shoot and after seeing the pictures, even more so. The images are beautiful, sexy, and unique. I adore them. The shoot itself was fun, easy, laid back, and time was used efficiently!! The photo edits I asked for were done beautifully!” B.

“I was shocked! They were beautiful. I didn’t know I could look so beautiful. The ones I love I really LOVE. They are going to go in my bathroom by the bathtub. They are not only sexy but artsy and something you can appreciate. The amount of options I had made it so hard to pick which ones I wanted printed and of course I bought all the images to have forever. Each outfit portrays a different perspective and emotion which I really appreciate. Some of the photos you can’t even tell it’s me but I know it is and they are beautiful. Heather can really find the beauty in all aspects of your body.” M.

“Heather did a wonderful job. She is a talented photographer who knows how to capture the right lighting and has an eye for focusing on certain areas of what is in front of her. Not every photographer can do that and do it well.” A.

“I loved all my pictures. The ideas for each of them were different and unique in their own ways. My favorite part of the shoot was the make up, the conversations, and how comfortable and fun it was. I liked that we both had different ideas for pictures and how excited Heather was about each photo.” S